FREE Chinese Learning Resources

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FREE Chinese Learning Resources

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Are you a newbie learner?
Are you feeling frustrated by Pinyin and Tones?
Are you looking for FREE resources to learn Chinese and know about Chinese culture and history?
Here to share with you the Resources at ChineseTones:
- Chinese Pinyin
Initials, finals and tones flash to help you master the correct way to pronounce Chinese.
- Chinese Characters
Writing flash and online writing practice will give you pleasant experience.
- Chinese Phrases
100 most frequently-used Chinese phrase with English translation and Pinyin.
- Chinese Culture
Introduce you the specific Chinese culture from four aspects: Chinese etiquette, Chinese culture, life in China, and travel around China.

Totally free, try it now! .
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Re: FREE Chinese Learning Resources

Post by ibnunih »

thanks, but the spelling of writing everything using chinese language, is there any other alternative websites. I want to learn
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Re: FREE Chinese Learning Resources

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I read articles on the It has Eng, pinyin and Chinese definition.I think it's quite good~for your reference. They are having a sales for the paid issues now(They also have Free issue). Chinese Stories - Elementary, Hope this is helpful! :P
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Re: FREE Chinese Learning Resources

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I'm a newbie at learning Mandarin but have found lots of useful sites, blogs and apps that all seem to help a lot. I came across a site called which caters its teaching style to more of a colloquial dialogue so instead of learning how to say "Hi, how are you today sir?" you can learn how to say "Whats up?" or "How's it hanging bro?"

I'm a big fan of the blog "Fluent in 3 months" The guy Benny that runs the blog has lots of practical advice on how to learn languages and he is very unbiased in his reviews of language learning sites or products. Definitely a good one to check out.

For apps, "Learn Chinese Easily" has been nice for me because I'm still learning some basic vocab and characters. After I get the hang of things I downloaded an app called "Mandarin Tap" which looks a bit more advanced and as of now is a bit intimidating but I do like the layout and how the lessons are organized.

Hope it helps!
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Re: FREE Chinese Learning Resources

Post by jamberat »

For newbies like me, I found a good survival Mandarin guide for those travelling to China for their first time: