The Chinese Language Institute, New Delhi Announces

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The Chinese Language Institute, New Delhi Announces

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The Chinese Language Institute, New Delhi announces the launch of online courses focusing on practical conversation. These courses have been introduced for the first time in India and are among a handful of such courses available worldwide.

PR9.NET August 09, 2006 - New Delhi, India - The Chinese Language Institute in New Delhi is pleased to announce the introduction of internet-based conversational Chinese courses on its website Created for the busy professional who has limited time for language learning, the Chinese Language Institute's online courses are designed to maximize learning. 50 lessons, covering 34 unique topics chosen from a variety of situations including daily use, business and tourism, have been designed to provide learning through a creative mix of audio (mp3) and interactive text. The subscription, valid for 3 months, can be purchased using a credit or debit card.

Mrs. Purnima Garg, director of the Chinese Language Institute explained, "Almost fifty percent of our inquiries are from out-station students. Of the other fifty percent of inquiries from New Delhi, almost half are from people who are not able to regularly attend our classroom courses because of work and other commitments. Our online courses have been designed keeping such people in mind. The hallmark of our courses is not just good content and presentation but comprehensive exercises at the end of each lesson that measure the students' learning."

As business and tourism are growing between India and China, there is a growing demand for Chinese language instruction in India. There are few places, however, that provided well-structured courses focused on the typical business executive who has limited time to spend on language learning. At the Chinese Language Institute in New Delhi, expert teachers have been brought in from China to design a curriculum that encourages students to use the language from the first day of class. The emphasis is much less on theory and more on conversational usage.

"Our online courses are designed to offer the best of our classroom courses while maintaining the objective of learning for practical usage. The goal of our online course is that the student should be able to communicate from the minute he gets off the plane in China," added Mrs. Garg.

Online courses might not be for everybody, but they are a good alternative for those disciplined students who are unable to attend classroom-based courses. Ultimately, the student gets what he puts in, by way of effort, regardless of whether he studies online or in a class-room.

More information:
Mrs. Purnima Garg, Director, The Chinese Language Institute, New Delhi
B-8 Green Park Extension, New Delhi 110016, India
Tel: (+91-11) 6563 9665 Fax: (+91-11) 4101 7129
Email: Web:
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Re: The Chinese Language Institute, New Delhi Announces

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