Advice on my Chinese name?

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Advice on my Chinese name?

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Hello. Thank you for having me. I have been living in China for a few months and hope to expand my knowledge of the Chinese language, as right now it is very minimal.

I wanted to ask some guidance on my Chinese name, which very recently I was given by a co-worker.

I was given 马逍遥 (Mǎ Xiāo Yáo). My understanding is Mǎ means horse, which is similar to my English family name, and Xiāo Yáo means to be happy, free, unfettered or to walk freely, which my friend said works with my interest in Taoism and Taoist philosophy. I wanted to see what people thought about it, and whether they feel it works. Always good to find additional opinions. :)

Thanks in advance. Take care. :)