Need help with translation!

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Need help with translation!

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I'm new to chinese and have just started to learn writing, but I have a question about a mark a got from a friend. What does it say on this mark? Please help me translate it!

// turtle
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Re: Need help with translation!

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“南无阿弥陀佛” pronounces “nán wú ē mí tuó fó” in Chinese. In Sanskrit language, it’s namo amita budha. It's a kind of chant. Please check more on
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Re: Need help with translation!

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Hello, my dear friend. The mark you got from your friend is a typical mark of Buddihism. And the phrase "南无阿弥陀佛" is an Amita-buddha, which probably means "religious devotion to "佛"(similar to God in Christian's mind). It's believer's good wishes and the expression of their determination to let "佛" guide their life.

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