Found a character not in the dictionary

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Van Snyder
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Found a character not in the dictionary

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I found a character not in the dictionary. I've been told two stories about it. One is that it is an obscure family name from Shandong province. The other is that it means "one hidden among the mountains," which relates to the family history: One of the ancestors of the family was framed for and convicted of a heinous crime against the emperor, at a time when every family member out to seventh cousin was eliminated. The convict managed to sneak a message "run for your life" out of his jail cell. His family scattered to the mountains of Shandong. The name is pronounced qi2. If you'll forgive my ascii art, here's what it looks like:

| |

something like the Greek letter Pi with a stroke above, or the pharmacist's prescription symbol for "two tablets once per day" (or is it "one tablet twice per day"), or the simpler of the qi2 words that means "table," with an additional stroke above.
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Re: Found a character not in the dictionary

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hey tow tablets a day is that a symbolic language?
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