A Separate Cantonese Republic???

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Re: A Separate Cantonese Republic???

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if u took up some economics u would probably know 'economies of scale', that is to say, a company will cut down costs as it grows bigger and purchase raw materials in bulk, producing larger volumes etc, and make more money. supermarkets also enjoy larger discount from distributors than small shops cos they get things in bulk. but there will be a saturation point, where growing bigger doesnt make more money, but increased costs instead, due to management problems and other issues.
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Re: A Separate Cantonese Republic???

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In some ways, Cantonese is a more conservative language than Mandarin. This can be seen, for example, by comparing the words for "I/me" (我) and "hunger" (餓). They are written using very similar characters, but in Mandarin their pronunciation is quite different ("wǒ" vs. "è"), whereas in Cantonese they are pronounced identically except for their tones (ngo5 vs ngo6 respectively). Since the characters hint at a similar pronunciation, it can be assumed that their ancient pronunciation was indeed similar, but in Mandarin the two syllables acquired different pronunciations in the course of time. Although the ancient pronunciation has not been maintained in Cantonese, in this case, there have been fewer changes in Cantonese, and so their modern values are closer to the older ones than Mandarin.
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Re: A Separate Cantonese Republic???

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Allow me to make some things clearer since everyone since we haven't been able get around those obstacles.
This is actually a very old topic but for some reasons people here have missed it.

I don't think anyone here as the credibility or knowledge to talk about the governance of the region but your reasons for separatism is rather arrogant if not ignorant. Particularly Sum Won.

If anything, by advocating the Cantonese region would mean you are jeopardizing the territorial integrity of the Chinese people, your little campaign/agenda for a separate Cantonese government is threatening the peace, unity and stability of the Chinese people. Therefore you are the enemy of ALL Chinese people.

I am Cantonese.
Yes Cantonese people do have their sub culture and language and that is how they distinguish themselves through cultural traits. But so does everyone else in China and we are not anything more special. Stop trying to make split us away because we are Chinese too.

People are well capable of maintaining their own identity or ethnic identity under the Chinese national Identity. There is nothing wrong with reviving traditional culture too and to revive fragments of traditional identity will strenghthen your culture.

There is nothing wrong with belonging to China at the same time. It's called multiculturalism, Chinese speak Mandarin as the national language, there is also Cantonese, local dialect etc.

Compare with Singaporean and Malaysians who speak approx at least 3-4 languages do not feel they have to form a separate government to prove a point.

It seems that the only justification for your advocacy for a Cantonese republic is clearly based your own insecurity about yourself.

Political wise, as it is economy wise, to separate a region means reducing your national strength and potential.

What kind of idiot would want that?
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Re: A Separate Cantonese Republic???

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Sum Won wrote:Now, because we've been lumping politics with cultural issues, I have now set up this forum, so that any debates over a seperate Cantonese government, should be discussed here. Hopefully, all of the cultural questions about the "proto-Cantonese" (Bach Viet, or whatever you decide to call the aborigines within the LingNam regions before the Chinese took over), will keep away from political talks.
In response to:
http://www.chineselanguage.org/forum/re ... 6&i=15&t=1

We could stop this by having a separate Cantonese government set up, and making efforts to find the original syntax and language structure of the aborigines (who are also the modern-Cantonese's ancestors). Then, we can set up a committee to set up a written system for it.
(Posted here, so we could stop any incursions of this topic upon the MinNan forum, and this topic pertains more to the subject at hand...)
No, absolutely no. WE must stand united at all time. Those Viets and westerners are just trying their best to divide us and thus weakeaning us. Remember Vietnam always have ambition for our Guangdong, Guangxi
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Re: A Separate Cantonese Republic???

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who are the indigenious people living in modern day southern vietnam then? what is the defination of a 'vietnamese'? how many minority indigenious races are there in vietnam? the indegenious people who lived in 'modern day guangdong' are the cantonese. they were there for more than 2000yrs. 'ancient day guangdong', thats another story.