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: Dear Xing Huo,
: Are you majoring in Chinese at university?
: Why do you want to write about Tai Shan Hua for your thesis? As you know resources are almost non-existent. Since there is almost no source material on Tai Shan Hua, maybe you should choose something else for your thesis. Perhaps, you should do your thesis on the Hakka dialect. You must have some familiarity with the dialect, and there are quite a bit of material about Hakka, even on the internet.
: But, if you do decide to do your thesis on Tai Shan Hua, you might visit:
: From the postings at this site, I gather that it is a fairly new site by a New Yorker of Taishan descent who is now in Taishan. It’s not very were designed, but, it does provide a source to Taishan. They have a link to a chat room in simplified Chinese for discussion about things Taishan.
: According to Jimmy (the web-master?), there are three varieties of Taishan Hua. And speakers of one variety may have difficulty understanding speakers of the other varieties. He says that later in the year he’s going to add a Taishan glossary with sound files to the web-site. You should e-mail him for information about the dialect.
: Are there any Taishan people in Australia or Singapore?
: Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.
Hey Kobo,
Thank you for publicizing the website. I found this webpage on a yahoo search for Australia and Taishan.... haha...

Re: follow up on dialects

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Dear Jimmy,

I've made your link clickable:

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.


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xinghuo wrote:

> Does any one know about the different dialects of cantonese
> and how their pronunciation differs from standard HK cantonese?
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,
> Xinghuo
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Not sure about the dialects but the Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong is mutually intelligible with the Cantonese spoken in the Chinese city of Canton (Guangzhou),although there exists some differences in pronunciation, accent and vocabulary. The Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong is known as Hong Kong Cantonese.