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Hakka Dictionary CCDICT

Post by vlag »

The below link:
http://www.chinalanguage.com/dictionari ... hp?lang=en

..does not work properly for me. I can get it to it fine, but when I enter any Chinese characters, it just goes awol, and gives me this message:

"Could not find entries matching your request
Did you enter the proper code?

When entering Unicode, valid values are in the following ranges:

There are also several problems with accesing the Hakka Classroom. If you click on this link:
..it doesn't work for me.
Instead I have to go to the Omniglot website page for Hakka and click on this link:
http://www.chinalanguage.com/content/in ... ent&id=711
..for the Hakka Classroom there.

Why so many screwups on what is a very good site otherwise?!
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Re: Hakka Dictionary CCDICT

Post by webmaster »

Parts of the site have not been updated since 1996. At the moment, especially the abovementioned parts are being recoded in order to add functionality the coming months.

Links and parts of the site may be not working properly and will be addressed the coming weeks.

Make sure that your browser is set to UTF-8 encoding, since the search engines are not updated to set this automatically.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Post by vlag »

Hi Mr webmaster,
Can you tell me as to the situation with the number of Hakka tones used in the site? I realize there are 8 tones used, but I am very unsure as to what the 8 tones are?? I am only familiar with Meixian Hakka tones, with six tones:
1 - high level
2 - low level
3 - low falling
4 - high falling
5 - low checked
6 - high checked

I am not even sure if that is the right one for Meixian!
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Post by vlag »

Nevermind. I have worked it out.