Chinese Interpreting Services

Translations to and from Chinese.
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Chinese Interpreting Services

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Chinese Business Interpretation Services

We Help You in China!

Do you have an important meeting scheduled in China, but your Chinese counterpart doesn't speak English well enough or not at all? Are you giving a sales presentation to a group of potential clients and worry that you won't make the sale if you can't communicate easily? Perhaps communication issues with your Chinese vendor/buyer are mixed in with cultural confusion and misunderstandings that have built up steadily and you're afraid that the situation could deteriorate quickly if you say or do the wrong things. We can help you succeed with our cultural and linguistic experiences.

Consultation Before the Meeting

We’ll discuss with you or meet you beforehand to prepare negotiating and/or presentation plans, answer questions you may have about business etiquette, clarify titles and roles in your group in order to present a proper introduction of everyone and discuss any other matters of concern to you. This cultural orientation and business preparation session can take place on the phone or by email before you leave for China or in the country after you have arrived at a place and time convenient to you.

Interpretation During the Meeting

While we interpret for you and make sure that communications between you and your Chinese counterparts flow smoothly, we’ll also observe subtle yet valuable (and often unintended!) non-spoken messages from the Chinese side that you should know about. We’ll let you know the precise relationships of the people within the Chinese group and make sure that you are aware of everything important going on in the meeting. We'll also give you cultural tips to avoid causing offence and embarrassment and suggest ways to create goodwill. If the meeting stretches on to a social event at a restaurant or other public location, we’ll let you know what's in the food, make sure you are not put in uncomfortable positions and help you participate in the conversation and make a great impression with your hosts.

Report and Advice After the Event

We’ll sit down with you to review the content of the meeting, share our impressions and insights and suggest follow-up measures that will be most effective for you. If time doesn't allow us to have this review session on the day of the meeting, we’ll get together another day if possible and/or email you a full follow-up report.

Choose Either a Chinese or British Business Interpreter

We've got the right team members in China to help you achieve successful communications in your business meetings. But if you’d feel more comfortable working through a British interpreter/consultant, we can arrange for our British interpreter to accompany you throughout your trip.

Interpreting Chinese Dialects

In China there are seven main dialects. The two most popular ones are Mandarin and Cantonese. The five other larger dialect groups are Gan, Hakka, Min, Xiang and Wu. Written Chinese is categorized into two groups, Traditional and Simplified. We can provide interpreters in all the Chinese dialects.
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Re: Chinese Interpreting Services

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Professional interpreting service offered very quickly for your needs at

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Re: Chinese Interpreting Services

Post by nomrodrigez » Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:56 pm

Hello friends, it was not until recently I developed the knack of this profession. Now I want to know if I can integrate the urge to learn the various languages of other countries and also make my wishes to visit different locations of the world at the same time. Instead of taking interpreting classes locally I wish to learn the language while I am personally in the country which I am expecting to learn. Never heard anyone of doing anything as such and some of my friends already consider this as an Utopian idea. I am serious about it though. Do not want to limit myself knowing the Chinese language only but as many I can provided I happen to visit these places too. Please give me your valued suggestions.