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Post by Niuc » Sun Aug 10, 2003 2:46 pm

Yeo, thanks for the updated info. Wei has forwarded the info to that forum.

Wei, do you mean that Deputy Information Minister mentioned "other dialects" too?


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Post by yeobh » Sun Aug 10, 2003 3:33 pm

Thanks to Wei and Niuc for those postings.

As far as the English newspapers are concerned, the bilingual broadcast is to cater more for the Cantonese viewers to enable them to enjoy the Chinese shows in their own dialect. There was no mention of other dialects. Perhaps, it was in the Chinese newspapers which I didn't subscribe. Anyway, I have also emailed to the Federation of Hokkien Associations Malaysia at urging the Federation to review its language policy and do something to promote the Hokkien language like what the Hakkas are doing in Taiwan. Some of my postings in this forum including the one translated into Mandarin by Kaiah were attached to that email. Hopefully something positive will be done.

Best regards.

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Post by daiwanlang1 » Wed Aug 13, 2003 11:01 pm

sorry guys,

quite a while ago somone wrote about minnan speakers in manhattan and flushings. are you sure they weren't hu chiu speakers? (fu zhou) which would be mindong hua? just a suggestion.

you might wanna take another trip to new york and try speaking a little ban lam ue and see how far it get's ya :)


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Post by A-Hiong » Tue Sep 02, 2003 3:40 am

I was just in NYC couple weeks ago. Its true, there are barely any Minan speaking people in Manhatten, you can find some of these people in restaurants that they opened up in the area but rare to find. There are some Taiwanese style restaurants opening up in Lower Manhatten though. As for Queens, there are quite a significant amount of Taiwanese there. You can here it sometimes on the streets, course its only a person to person basis. People to aren't talking Minan to buy things. There's a Taiwan Center in Flushings too. I don't believe Fuzhounese have been migrating to Flushings as in Lower Manhatten. BTW, I love Flushings, much cleaner and you can get so many good things there! I love especially the Flushings Mall, wow, I could go broke in there. And there's lots of kool KTVs there, you can sing in Minan if you want!

Post by Guest » Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:11 am


I'm extremely disappointed that the Taiwanese Government of DPP, supported mainly by the majority Taiwanese Hokkiens, does not seem to be actively promoting the Taiwanese Hokkien culture including the Hokkien language. So far, no Council for Hokkien Culture has been established eventhough the majority Hokkiens also faced suppression of their culture and language during the Japanese and KMT regimes and therefore require the support of the government to promote it. On the contrary, the minority Hakkas and Aborigines have their own Council and even TV stations established by the DPP eventhough a great many of the Hakkas and Aborigines did not vote or support the DPP. As it is, we often read in the news of the various Hakka and Aboriginal cultural festivals being promoted but hardly any on the dominant Taiwanese Hokkien culture and language! I think it's time for the majority Taiwanese Hokkiens to stand up and pressure the Government they had voted in to do something positive to promote the Hokkien culture and language particularly establishing the Council for Hokkien Culture and Hokkien TV station so that government fund would also be made available to promote Hokkien cultural and language activities. I believe the promotion of Hokkien culture and language in Taiwan particularly Hokkien TV programmmes would increase the availability of Hokkien movies and TV serials overseas which in turn would have synergetic effect on the usage of Hokkien language amongst the Hokkien community overseas particularly in South-east Asia where Hokkiens form the largest Chinese dialect group but fast losing the usage of their language. Do we want to wait for the Hokkien culture and language to be admitted to the ICU before something drastic is done about it? :( Yours view/comments pls.

Kam sia.

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Post by hong » Mon Feb 21, 2005 12:56 pm

There are taiwanese minnan radio prog .sadly it is too poor.The host need to learn more about minnan (any sect)but shouldn't mix with mandarin.
Example- there are at least 10 words for (mess) in minnan.why she uses a mandarin version in minnan sound.
I feel very sad that taiwanese wu origin ,northern province like shandong.xi,etc people have no chance to learn their languages.Their children are not supposed to learn minnan and hakka in school.