Why dont you learn Mandarin at mandarin school?

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Why dont you learn Mandarin at mandarin school?

Post by amynz » Thu Oct 28, 2004 4:38 pm

I am new to this forum. I read some of your msgs. I am wondering why you dont go to any mandarin school to learn mandarin and culture. Are you scared of mandarin schools? Some are looking for language exchange here and some are asking for mandarin translation. Why dont you learn it, understand it, practice it and speak it by yourself.

There are some mandarin schools in shanghai. You should learn Mandarin from the professional teachers. As we all know mandarin is not a easy language to learn. By the way I am not advisting anything here. You could think about it. All your chinese friends might not be the professional chinese teachers. They can speak chinese but it doesnt mean they could teach you.

Thank you.

by the way, I am a chinese and english is my second language. I finished my science degree at uni of auckland last year. but I dont think my english is very good. still have to learn it. sorry about any mistakes in the msg.
(contact me if you need info about mandarin schools in shanghai. I am not a agency or anything. I wont charge you anything. dont be afraid.)