Any mandarin speakers or learners with instant messengers ?

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Any mandarin speakers or learners with instant messengers ?

Post by YaoNiDeAi » Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:39 am

你好! 我的名字叫開山。今天我來問你們為了幫助我學習中文。目前,我知道如何寫中文,閱讀中文,和聽中文。
儘管我知道怎麼做所有這一切我仍然有一個問題。我不知道說中文! 我知道說小小一點不過我的 pronunciation 是錯了。另外,我的寫作有一些問題。所以問你們幫助我的talking in instant messangers。漢語學習對我來說是比較容易的時候我其實溝通與普通話或者還有另外一個學習者。

By the way! I tried my best to write in Chinese but if you still could please correct my errors!

I will add you or you can add me

I'll add you if you leave your email

Thank you! 謝謝! o(^_^)o

Basically if you cannot read Chinese what I said was I need help with my Chinese because even though I know how to do all this stuff I cannot speak Chinese because of pronunciation and I believe my writing have a few problems as well so if you are a mandarin speaker or learning mandarin please help me and/or help yourself by adding me on IM so we can both communicate in mandarin to increase our writing reading and speaking skills.
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