Censorship in Asiawind Hakka Website

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Frog in the Well

Censorship in Asiawind Hakka Website

Post by Frog in the Well » Mon Feb 17, 2003 9:09 am

Boycott posting anything in Asiawind Hakka Website. It's Hakka moderator is blind to hypocracy and will censor postings he disagrees with such as this one:

Author: SL Lee
Date: 02-16-03 11:36

To save the people Iraq, we must fire 400 cruise missiles a day over them.

To destroy WMD in Iraq, we must use WMD in this war.

To install democracy of Iraq, we must decide for them. And to guarantee the
Iraqi people have democracy, we need to have an American general to rule them.

..... What are we talking about here?

=======(My response)=========

We are talking about Afghanistan...

Why not collect on the Marshall Plan with interest$ from post WWII Western Europe and reinvest the money in the peoples' economy of Afghanistan & Post-Saddam Iraq, Palastine, Pakistan, Jordan, Indonesia, Kashmir...?

The US has been at war with Iraq since it invaded Kuwait but I don't remember any mass protest back then nor do I remember that war to be declared over & kaput. (I was living in Europe back then and everyone I've met in Europe supported the ousting of the Iraqi leader back then.)

If Sun Tzu was alive today, what would he have to say about this potential war against the leaders of Iraq?

Why is it when we want to censor people, they are asked to cite references & web links or reveal a name or e-mail (which Chung Yoon Ngan has finally come to learn that spams are no fun) but when people who "prothelitize" like Guo Zhong Li are free to say what ever they "feel" is "accurate" (but unbalanced) without administrative comments?

Why has this website turned into a forum to attack America by Chinese expatriots whom I believe if offered a good paying job in America will take it in a drop of a hat? It is true that many overseas Chinese are returning back to China to be a part of the new booming Chinese economy, but no one is secure enough to go back without insuring a foreign passport first.

Where do we draw the line on US patriotism & Freedom of Speech? My personal way of not supporting the war is by not owning a car but other than that my mouth is kept quiet. I did not vote for Bush whom many protesters probably did, kind of think of it, I purposely decided not to vote in the last election at all. But when it comes to American patriotism, I will stand by my leader in show of support. 10 million protesters hardly constitutes a majority voice and I strongly recommend that these people spend at least a year living in Iraq to understand what it means to live under the present regime.

A Chinese who has not learned how to save face is what I call a disrespected piece of Hollow Bamboo (JukSing).

What are we talking about here?

Balancing Double Standards

A Frog in a Well

To the frog
Author: SL Lee
Date: 02-17-03 00:34

Your post has beeen removed for several reasons:

1. You are in the wrong forum
2. Your post is scrambled because it is too long for the software to handle.
3. You do not have a valid return email. You are not even qualified to access. See policy.

Stay in the well.

Hypocracy # 1.

I posted in the Overseas Chinese Forum as I am speaking my observations & opinion as an overseas Chinese.

Hypocracy #2.

Then all scrambled posts should be deleted which there are many.

Hypocracy #3

I do have a valid return email, but to advertise it means receiving hate mail (from people who differ from my opinions) & spams.

As far as the policy is concerned, the webmaster S.Lee does not always abide by his own rules thus deviating from global understanding, diversity & world peace when confronted with an alternative view to reality. If I felt my post above was not Constructive, rational and thoughtful then I would not have posted there at all. My message was the expression of the myself as a contributor, who am solely responsible for the content. This is NOT a private chat room yet the S.Lee is guilty of promoting chat room behavior. I didn't violate any legal liability, including copyright violations. Posting to the forum is a privilege (not a right), which you earned through your intellectual contribution however my posting above was not intellectual enough to meet their "standards".

Forum Etiquette:

1. Use your real name

SL Lee sometimes goes by the name "Admin" and other posters obviously aren't using their real names.

2. Choose a subject title carefully.

My subject title to the banned post above was: "What would Sun Tzu say?"

3. Stay with the thread.

I was starting a new thread. You will see on their forum that hardly anyone including SL Lee can stick to a thread.

4. Respond to issues, not to personalities.

Rather than responding to my issues, my post was deleted & I was banned though I was merely responding to his question: "..... What are we talking about here?" If you don't want an answer, then don't ask the question!

5. Do elaborate your ideas

I thought I did elaborate my ideas.

6. Be tolerant and patient

I am a victim of intolerence by the Hakka Adminstrator who impatiently had me banned from all EZ Board forums after this one post to their forum. I've been black listed by an intolerant & impatient yet ignorant unpatriotic Anti-American control-freak who dares calls himself an American which makes people like Wen Ho Lee targets of institutional racism.

7. Know when to quit.

I've quit supporting www.asiawind.com as the voice of the Chinese community and it's biased distorted interpretation of history.


Please do not post any discussions regarding MY RESPONSES to SL Lee as I will not respond to you as I respect this forum as a safe place to discuss Hakka issues only. I just want the Hakka people to know that Asiawind.com is not an agreeable place to call it "home" for Hakkas on the web.

Frog in the Well
Dylan Sung

Re: Censorship in Asiawind Hakka Website

Post by Dylan Sung » Mon Feb 17, 2003 1:17 pm

Frog in the Well,

You can form your own forum at Yahoo Groups.


I would like to see this forum discussion only Hakka language issues, not politics.


Re: Censorship in Asiawind Hakka Website

Post by Passenger » Fri Feb 21, 2003 8:13 pm

There is a chinese sayings, 來說是非者﹐便是是非人。