Korean invented chinese language

Discuss the Chinese language.
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Post by yangzi8007 » Wed Oct 25, 2006 6:19 am

:evil: I am a chinese college student .at first,
I want to tell you solemnly that chinese invent chinese language.
it is truth , just as korean originated from china,and it never alters,i think that korean will declare that all the world belongs to korean one day .and they think they are God,who create everything.funny?
it is a absurd theory of a radical folk .oh ,what can I say ?
maybe I could just say "let the ignorant people say what they want say
,because they never feel ashamed when tell a lie ,even if all the people laugh at them......
The rumor had its origin in an impulsive remark.
and the truth will lick up it with silence sooner or later ,if you believe what korean have said,you are more apish than korean .
at last ,i want to give a advise to korean "if you are human being,you should learn blush first.if you don't like to be man ,ok,come on ,saying
that loudly:"everything belongs to korean"..........
i am sorry for my poor english ,otherwise,i will say more about it.
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Post by yangzi8007 » Wed Oct 25, 2006 7:13 am

korean, stop stealing traditional culture essentials from china!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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korea nation likes to steal Chinese invention

Post by hannu » Wed Oct 25, 2006 9:24 am

everyone knowes that japanese and korean both derived from chinese, why waste your time with this crap?
everyone know the chinese has the longest continous culture in the world. chinese cultures have influences many cultures in southeast asia And east asia like japan and korean.
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Post by onlyonechina » Wed Oct 25, 2006 11:51 am

The Taoist teach so your this??
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Post by twtony » Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:20 pm

I had a conversion with a korean friend the other day (not about this topic)

He told me bubble tea was invented in Korea (-_-)

Afterward, I told him Chinese invented kimchi, that surely pissed him off....LOL
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keep the truth

Post by Emperor Yao » Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:46 am

"dominant people of the Yin dynasty was Korean "

the typical logical mistake,or the korean mean to mix the concept

Qizi ,the first noble of the Chaoxian(pre-korea) was a noble of Zhou dynasty, he was the bother of the last king of Shang dynasty.before this ,Zhou had been a noble of Shang,and the last king of Shang was a tyrant ,and all noble ran against him fellowing the tridional chinese philosophy ,the captical of the nobles who ran against the Shang was Zhou. Then the Zhou defeated the Shang.apparantly,the most kingship of Shang surrendered to Zhou,the last king of Shang burned himself in his palace when all nobles were on the step.The Qizi was the one who surrendered and was appointed to be the noble of territory of "East of Liao river" which was called "Chao xian".The Qizi Chaoxian differed from Korea .

Even in Han empire of China,Chaoxian was a part of China(not appendant),until the local resident arised,we call it "Korea"(Gaoli),they speaked as a nomad and had no characters,they were from the group of "Donghu" (easten hu),not "Dongyi"(easten yi),from the northeast
of China.

now,China has 56 folks ,the present Chaoxian(korea) was one of them, and the north and south Korea are just the part of Chaoxian, even South Korea is farther than north Korean in relationship ,culture ,history and so on.they are just the nation of the mediaeval minority and never related to the ancient China.
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I am not sure about Chinese language, I know Koreans invente

Post by ks7602 » Fri Oct 27, 2006 3:21 am

stem cells. We all know what happened after that earth-shaking discovery. :wink:
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Post by Emperor Yao » Fri Oct 27, 2006 8:51 pm

“thinking it wasn't readable in modern Chinese perhaps. But the truth is, it is perfectly understandable. ”

i`m sorry but i have to say modern Chinese has been altered from ancient chinese . it is fool to take the modern chinese to improve the ancient chinese ,even i can say if the korean wrote the ancient chinese
literature ?though the someone says the modern korean language is close to the ancient chinese language,i`ll say the modern chinese is close to Latin .

we couldn`t improve that how to read Shang language, we just can make out that Shang words` characters was used to fortune following the book "Gui Zang Yi"(the transformation of GUI ZANG).and also the "Gui Zang Yi" has been lost ,if korea invented the Characters , they should have the book or the note of the book,where are they.

Ancient Chinese had the grammar ,but mostly from the customs.for example"geng shen yue you shi "(更深月有食),i guess it maybe 更申月有食。

更申or更深 is the adverbial modifier ,is to show the time
月 is moon
有 is verb ,means "have/has/had"
食 is the noun ,means "eclipse "

the meaning is moon had an eclipse at the time of "geng shen "

and modern chinese is"geng shen shi yue liang you ge yueshi",and the practical one may be "geng shen shi you yueshi ".omit the noun , the ancient one didn`t omit the noun because they sounded much good,Chinese care about this.
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Post by gokure » Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:03 am

Haha~~, the JOKE.
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Post by timven1992 » Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:29 pm

如果漢語/文 是韓國人發明的,
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Post by Alex_rcpilot » Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:49 pm

Eventually I came to realize it was truly a painstaking job for someone to spend years on overturning what the world takes for granted. I could even smell the despair within his soul. A couple of interesting logics emerged throughout this article, ridiculous but interesting. I'm making up two similar occasions to explain how ridiculous they are.

winner = inventor
The 2008 Olympic Games will include 38 different types of competition. If the auther was to be right, then each gold medal winner will also honor her/his country with the history of inventing the specific sport. It could be a simple and cheap way of modifying history, huh? Then what good is a time machine?

dogs invented human language
Say 10 years ago some day in a hot summer, my neighbor was standing at the door in front of her own yard, little baby in her arms, talking to me with a big smile on her face. And then there it came, a wagging puppy! It barked at my neighbor, and drew the little baby's attention, it was the first time this kid simulated how a dog barks. And it was the first time our topic fell into the issue related to this specific dog. Anyway the dog wagged away. Time flies, and the little kid is now in middle school. We still live next doors and I would still chat with my neighbor at the same door in front of the same yard. One hot summer evening, as the three of us talked, a dog which looked pretty much like the one we saw 10 years ago, passed by, wagging the downy tail. I said "Hey!!! Déjà Vu? (French phrase google it if you don't understand it)" It rang the bell and we started talking about what happend a decade ago, wondering if this dog was a child or grandchild of the puppy we saw back then. Suddenly this puppy stopped wagging and turned to us. It said"Ten years ago my grand father passed by and barked. Thanks to his appearance, you are able to talk this way right now. If it wasn't us dogs you wouldn't be having this topic today in your language and the kid wouldn't be able to simulate a bark either. We dogs invented the human language." So you did!
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stupid pig

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This is thier national flag,isn't it?