Putonghua and Guoyu

There are slight differences between the standardardised Mandaring of mainland China (Putonghua) and Taiwan (Guoyu).

Obviously, there are some slight deviations between the Mandarin variants spoken in Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore. These include deviations in grammar, vocabulary, stylistic aspects, and loan words. For example, there is a 23% discrepancy in standard pronunciation between the 3,500 most commonly used characters in the 'Xinhua zidian' of the mainland and 'Guoyu cidian' of Taiwan.

There are ample differences in vocabulary between Putunghua and Guoyu. Classical examples are 'bike' 自行車 and 單車, and 'computer' 計算機 and 電腦, used in mainland and Taiwa, respectively

All radio and television broadcast announcers in Beijing, both men and women, broadcast in a pitch range notic.eably higher than that of their normal speaking voices. Each sentence begins high and shrill. Then pitch falls gradually, reaching a lower key by the end of the sentence. Pauses are exaggerated and more drawn out. This special type of intonation seems intended to arouse in the audience an impression of struggle and determination. In Taiwan, by contrast, announcers broadcast in a more conversational speaking voice.


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